The Public Co.

The Public Co.

Client : Silver spoon Hospitality LLP
Outlet : The Public Co
Location : Satra Plaza, Vashi, Navi Mumbai


An all-day dining European restaurant by day and a place to socialize by night.

Food and beverage menu

European, American and south east Asian with a bit of Indian. No Tandoor. Beverage menu has been kept quirky and of universal appeal.


Food and beverage was chosen to be western and south east Asian with an Indian touch to tweak it to the local clientele palette. The food portions are divided into small & large plates,  small plates would  good for 1-2 people and large plates for 3-4 people. We added a concept of Power lunch  for 12 noon to 3 pm to attract the corporate crowd. Power Lunch is a 2 course lunch with a free drink at an attractive price.  Guests can choose from the entire menu for food. Dinner has an a-la-carte food menu with attractive offers on weekdays and weekends. Bar menu includes good selection of domestic beers, craft beers and beers on tap along with Domestic Wine and few New World Wines. Classic, innovative cocktails, shooters and Flaring bartenders. Beverage menu should have selection of Detox and Canned Juices, Fresh fruit based beverages, mocktails and carbonated beverages.

Good selection of teas are available (Black, Green, Herbal and White) and the entire range of coffee.

Interior design and elements

The Design elements that we used are in tandem with European culture and the outlet is  a mix work of white gray brick, picture frames, green plants and artist painted murals.

The artist painted murals on the walls and bar counter give character to the restaurant as do Knick knacks and picture frames on the walls.

Lighting and Air conditioning

Usage of both direct and indirect lighting ensures that the place presents different faces from different angles. Distributed controls and dimmers play an important part in creating an optimum lux level during various times of the day and on occasions. The blinds on the glass which looks onto the busy road outside ensures light entering the area is controlled.

The entire restaurant is air-conditioned keeping in mind the Mumbai weather.

Furniture and Color

The seating changes within the restaurant from bar stools to sofas, chairs and community tables. This ensures that the client gets a different experience every time they enter.

The colors of the furniture are kept bright and lively with hues of turquoise, lemon yellow and royal grey making it likeable to the  younger clientele and keeping it dynamic.

The colors on the walls are white and earthy to keep it cozy.

Audio Video

World music is played at ambient volume to allow for conversation in-keeping with the food and beverage origins.

A projector has been installed at a vantage point to ensure matches and events can be viewed by everyone.

Staff and uniform

The uniform has been kept casual to keep a friendly tone to the service. The staff has been trained in the food, beverage, service and soft skills to play a casual undertone to the service.

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