Queensline SeaYah and Neverland

Queensline SeaYah and Neverland

Client : Shripriya Dalmia Thirani and Kiran Resources Pvt.Ltd
Class : Marine vessel
Location : Jetty no 5, Opp Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai


SeaYah to be an a-la-carte menu, non-sailing unless fully booked for a private event and Neverland to be an a buffet menu, cruising three times a day.

Food and Beverage menu

SeaYah – multicuisine to accommodate most palettes. Predominantly European, American and South East Asian with local ingredients and tastes taken care of. Special Martini menu section.

Neverland: A lavishly spread buffet over two levels which would change every week. Each week a major food culture over the world would be presented lavishly for the client. For ex: South American.


SeaYah – the food menu has been specifically devised for couples and small groups. Platters of seafood, barbeque, sandwiches and canapes adorn the menu. A live kitchen and an island bar on the open deck adds to the ambience. There are three decks and each of them have their own charm and character. A party lounge and a private dining room brings about a variety of offers. Sunday brings about brunch and sundowner.

Lunch has a splendid buffet on offer for the local tourist as well as the corporate class around South Bombay

Neverland: The entertainment would be in line with the country of origin of the buffet. The ship would have three hour slots during the day with 2 hour cruising in each slot. Various guest touch points would be made to make it an experience. A live kitchen serving seafood, barbeque and grilled vegetables along with a bar on the open deck brings life to various activities.

Interior design and elements

SeaYah: It has three decks and each one has an individual character to provide a unique experience.

Deck A : Lower deck, Air conditioned, wooden tree like structure from the walls extending over the ceiling, minimalistic elegant chairs and tables with wooden floor. A wooden partition in the middle which is removable. Buffet counters and bars on each side of the partition.

Deck B : Partially open and partially covered deck. Open side contains a marble cladding island bar with a majestic skeleton of a whale resting over it. Live kitchen to serve seafood and barbeque platters.

Enclosed party lounge which is air conditioned and has sofa seating can take on 30 guests and can host as a private room for parties. A smaller private dining space behind the bridge on this level can host 10 people for the ultimate dining experience with your own butler and views from the bridge.

Deck C: Completely open to the sky with chair and sofa seating brings about a feeling of cosiness on a warm night. Can hold up to 50 passengers on for a private party.

Neverland : It has three decks and each one of them has been made to look luxurious and casual at the same time.

Deck A : Completely air conditioned and large leather sofas with sturdy wooden chairs adorn this place. Tables have glass tops. Buffet counter is long stretch since this is primarily a buffet theme ship. A bar exactly right down the middle of the space looks fabulous with leather upholstery and bar stools.

Deck B : Partially air conditioned and partially open to the sky, it has a live kitchen for barbeques and an open bar. Striped furnishings on cane outdoor sofas and chairs give a lovely party feel to the space. These are interspersed with bar stools to break the monotony. A lot of open space has been kept so that people can move about freely and dance when they feel like. The private lounge here can hold about 25-30 passengers for a private event. The chairs are a lively green and purple. The ceiling has been lit to make it look like an ocean floor.

Deck C : Completely open to the sky, this deck features heavy cane furniture with striped furnishings which speak of luxury and casual at the same time. Can easily accommodate 40-45 passengers for a private event.

Lighting and colour

Both ships have been painted white which makes them look elegant both by day and night when seen from the outside. Inside the decks have been kept a natural brown wood colour. The walls and ceiling have been kept light coloured to keep the illusion of space. The lighting in particular has been kept yellow as food and beverage looks best in soft and diffused lighting. Large glass panels on  Deck A have been maintained to ensure the beautiful view through the day is available irrespective where the passengers sit. Lighting is a bit more muted than a regular restaurant because the sea and the shoreline are the real heroes here and any more lighting would have overshadowed them. Fairy lights have been used on the open decks and cleverly positioned lights raise the ambience to an uber level at night.

Audio Video

The ships being a certain venue for events and occasions, the audio on the ship has been well defined with separate decks being able to play different music at the same time. This ensures optimisation of space in case of partial bookings. Enough audio video outlet have been kept on the ship at vantage points to ensure most event requests are met.

Staff and uniform

All staff has been superiorly trained to remember regular guests and address them with their name, even escort them to their preferred seating if available. Intense knowledge of the food and beverage menu with wine recommendations also have been a part of their training.

The uniforms have been kept formal mirroring the quality  of interiors, menu and drinks that have been maintained to a high standard. The soft skills training has however been maintained at a casual level to ensure guests are at ease.

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